Sunday, 10 May 2009

Catching up on projects...

So, now that the excitement of the craft fair is all over, I finally have an opportunity to catch up with my massive list of non-jewellery related crafting projects!

Most of them are for various birthdays, and are all rather on the late side... . I am beginning to make progress now though!

Here's some photos of the biggest project I'm working on:

That's a lot of fibre!!  Merino roving, mulberry silk, silk noil, soy silk, firestar, bamboo, throwsters waste and locks - phew!
Nice and thick :D  and so soft!  Almost seems a shame to felt it... .

Getting to work on the felting with my embellisher.

mmmm, lovely texture :D

Can you tell what it is yet?!

Still loads more to do, but at least there is something tangible now rather than just ideas bouncing around my head.

Another project which I have managed to finish was for my friend Jack - a bit of a late house-warming present, intended for his bathroom which at the moment he is painstakingly tiling himself.  This is the most recent in my series of indecorous cross-stitch creations (most too rude to be blogged!).  I really enjoy doing these, although it takes a brave friend to actually display them!

(If you are easily offended, look away now!)

Interestingly, this has been my most popular design yet!!

Have a great week everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Heehe! Nice Jobby! Can't wait to see more of your felting, it looks lovely and soft! xx

Karen said...

Hmmm - definitely not sure I do know what it is yet but it certainly looks fascinating. Can't wait to see what it turns into. Love the jobby............

The crafty Kaeru said...

heehee~! Thank you both :)