Thursday, 30 July 2009


Aeluin is my first finished 'Paisley'-shaped brooch prototype. She measure 7.5cm x 4.8cm at her longest and widest points.
I made Aeluin by felting onto thick black felt baize with my embellisher - using merino roving, silk threads, wool nepps and silk noil. I added hand embroidery and lots of glass beads, before whip-stitching around the edges in azure blue.

I decided to leave the back 'bare' this time - rather than covering it up with another piece of black felt before sewing on the brooch finding.
I'm not sure what I think about it - I like the fact that you can see all the stitching that's gone on, but sometimes I think it looks a bit messy. Any thoughts, anyone?

Although I'm not yet decided about what to do about the back, I really like the shape, so am working on the other this space!


Chris Gray Textile Art said...

I don't think it's messy. The amount of stitching is just-about right for the shape and size of the piece - any more and it WOULD have looked too "busy".
When you enjoy doing this kind of thing though - it can be too easy to get carried away..... or two more of those delightful little beads....etc

...but I think a piece of black felt on the back would finish it off nicely.....

The crafty Kaeru said...

Hi :)
You're right - it is all too easy to get carried away!

After much thought I think I do agree also about black felt on the back - it just feels unfinished somehow without it. Thanks for the comment!

wandar-wanda said...

Hi ,
your work is Beautiful !!!

The crafty Kaeru said...

Thank you!