Sunday, 20 June 2010


(last cheesy title, I promise :P)

It's finally done: the last of the big projects I needed to finish before the craft fair:
lots of fibre art cards!
- I love looking at these once they are finished but boy do they take up the most room and time to make!

That's everything major finished now - my last decision is whether to make up a few more kumihimo rings and earrings.  

The earrings were popular at the last craft fair but don't sell well on my Etsy shop - and the rings are a fairly new idea so they weren't around last time.  To be honest I think I have enough to cover the table (!) but maybe people would like the option of matching bracelets and earrings/rings.... what do you think?


Eva said...

Your table is going to be covered in rainbows! Are you going to take a photo at the craft fair?
Hm.. don't know if people like matching sets. You seem to have plenty of choice to pick a set that goes together well without matching absolutely.

Karen said...

Gosh Kate you have been so busy making lots of lovely goodies and I am sure your craft fair will be a huge success. I agree with Eva - do take some photos to post later. I've got our art exhibition on the same day so will be thinking about you and wishing you luck.

The crafty Kaeru said...

Thank you, both of you :) and yes, I definitely plan to take some photos at the fair!