Thursday, 28 October 2010

Autumn winds...

I've been working on another fibre art piece inspired by Autumn.  The season is in full force here - this week we've been having wonderful light especially, and the smell of falling leaves is thick in the air.

'Autumn winds' is a piece worked straight on to heavy-duty vintage upholstery linen - first of all with my embellisher and then with hand beading and embroidery.

To start, I felted abaca tissue, metal organza, wool waste, cotton scrim, linen scraps and silk fibre onto the linen:

Then I added tiny 2mm sequins, lots of glass and metal beads, including some vintage beauties, and then finally lots of hand embroidery stitches:

seed, colonial knot, bullion knot and detached fly:

running stitch in the form of Japanese stylised wind:

and detached chain stitch (the tiny gold ones in the middle top):

to make the finished piece:

I have rather enjoyed working on the vintage linen with its stains and faults - it is very satisfyingly thick and I think the irregularities add to the texture and feel of the piece.


Chris Gray said...

Lovely colours and stitchwork again Kate!

You always seem able to "get it right"...even though it looks "random"


Trekky said...

I really like the wind bellowing - such a great effect.

tastykaeru said...

Thank you, both of you :) Autumn is just so inspiring!

Kate x

Jude said...

Hey Kate,

Love seeing your inspiring art develop so much.

Still love my braided wrist peice I won last autumn.

Be well,


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Hi Kate, I've spent quite some time visiting today and yesterday. Thank you for sharing your stunning pieces. Very inspirational.

tastykaeru said...

Thank you so much Jude and Lorraine :)
Kate x