Saturday, 12 March 2011


I love Japan.  I have been fascinated by its language and culture for years, and have been lucky enough to visit twice.  Some of my happiest memories are of times spent in beautiful, peaceful temples, or being awestruck at vast cityscapes viewed from the top of skyscrapers.

I watched in horror yesterday news coverage of the terrible earthquake and devastating tsunami that have hit north-eastern Honshu.  The terrifying footage of the tsunami eating up everything in its path is haunting me today.

I'm travelling to Japan this May.  We just booked our flights last month.  We had been looking forward to spending some time in Sendai, and on the Miyagi coast.  I can't imagine what people there are going through right now.

You can donate to the International Red Cross here.  Not only are they providing essential aid in Japan, but they provide much-needed help all over the world following natural disasters.  Other suggestions are Oxfam, Shelterbox or MSF. I will also be donating the equivalent of 50% of the sale price of any items sold in my Etsy shop, until the time of our visit to Japan, to the International Red Cross.

My thoughts are with everyone in the world affected by natural disasters and their aftermath.

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