Sunday, 15 May 2011


日本に行くよ = I'm going to Japan~!

Getting myself into an appropriate frame of mind in preparation for the trip I had been working on a complex dodecahedral modular origami assembly of 90 units. 

 (these took a long time to fold!!)


Hmmmm.  Hopefully whilst I'm there I will be able to absorb some improved origami skills from the Japanese ether and then will be able to have another more successful attempt on my return!

Also, my Etsy shop is now closed for the duration of the trip.  As I mentioned in this post, I planned to donate the equivalent of 50% of the value of anything I sold in my Etsy shop between the date of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and now, to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. I'm so grateful to my lovely customers, who between them bought Tangelo, Berenjena, some custom kumihimo bracelets, Verbena, Ianthine, Carduus and Astral, and have enabled me to donate a total of £50.  Thank you so much!

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