Sunday, 17 July 2011

17th July 2011...

Since coming back from Japan I haven't had much time for crafting.  I've temporarily changed to working almost full-time, and also have been experiencing a rich patch of inspiration for my current music project, which means that other things aren't getting much of a look-in.

What I have managed to do though is to finish another felted, beaded and embroidered pencil case:

Made from black linen, vintage Japanese kimono fabric for the lining, and an 8-tama kumihimo braid for tying.

 The felt piece is made from merino roving, cotton nepps, organza, scrim, bamboo fibre, silk hankie fibre and silk fabric, with metal and glass beads, tiny sequins, and seed, detached chain, colonial knot, bullion knot, running and detached fly hand embroidery stitches.


Playing by the book said...

oh so gorgeous!

Minttu/Pikku-Miina said...

I love your work :-) I foud this blog today and I had to see all immediatedly! I feel myself like beginner near you and I really like the way you handle materials and create something beautiful.

tastykaeru said...

Thank you both very much :)

Kate x