Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sculpture inspiration...

Today Kasia and I visited Jupiter Artland, a secluded sculpture park outside Edinburgh.  We timed it just right before it got busy, and spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around the woodland admiring the sculpture.

This is 'Firmament' by Anthony Gormley, inspired by an old star map:

Although I love to look at sculpture, it doesn't often move me.  An exception to this today was the group of sculptures called 'Weeping girls' by Laura Ford.  I thought these were the best sculptures in the whole place - very sad and rather chilling, with such attention to detail in the hands and shoes, in a perfect setting in the deserted woodland:

Seeing so many different styles on such a larger scale than my own work was very refreshing!

Meanwhile on a much smaller scale, yesterday I completed a prototype pair of earrings in my favourite wooden bezels.  


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