Monday, 15 September 2008

Fibres and Etsy listings...

There's a bank holiday here today, meaning no work for the Kaeru :D - so I got round to posting a few more items in my Etsy shop.

I posted up a couple more of my felted necklaces, which are made from pieces of felt I have made from various fibres, which have then been beaded with toho beads, swarovski crystals, and semiprecious stone beads.

I also posted up another pair of kumihimo braid earrings - again made from beautiful sassalynne threads. These earrings are very delicate and light, and I just love the rich colours of the threads.


Also over the last week I've had lots of exciting deliveries of various fibres that I am looking forward to experimenting with on my next fibre art project. I decided to keep the colours natural this time, so I can focus on the texture and natural beauty of each fibre.

This is bamboo staple fibre. It's probably my favourite to work with - it's very soft and downy, and parts of it have a beautiful lustre and shine a bit like silk.

This is Cotswold fleece. It's much coarser than silk or bamboo, but has a wonderful wavy shape, that stays visible when felted.

This is flax fibre - quite tough and waxy to the touch. It is very matte, but also almost 'glows' in the light. Very interesting!

These are wool pebbles, or 'nepps' as I have also seen them called. These are quite large ones,
but they come in a variety of sizes, and are great for giving pebbly texture in a small area.

This is degummed silk throwster waste. It's silk fibre that is left over from commercial silk processing. It is supersoft and has a wonderful sheen.

I started working with all of these this weekend, on my new piece... . Post to follow!

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Enelya said...

Beautiful necklaces and earrings :D so pretty!!

Smiles and waves! :D

Enelya +++