Friday, 24 October 2008


I started of with another embellisher-felted piece worked onto cotton fleece. I used wool roving, silk throwster waste and wool nepps.

Next I did a wee patch of beading with Toho beads, and then started to couch some threads around the contours.

After a bit more couching, I added loads of french knot embroidery stitches in various threads. I like the way they look like tiny buds.

To make the piece into a brooch, I hemmed it all the way round, and then sewed black felt onto the back.

Last of all I added a silver metal brooch finding.

I've been trying to think of a good way to show scale that doesn't involve a ruler (boring!) or a coin (I have no idea how big, say, a dime is, and I guess lots of people don't know how big a 5p piece is). The best universal idea I have come up with so far is a pencil (regular pencils are pretty much the same size everywhere.... aren't they?!). Any better ideas gratefully received!

A closeup of the finished front:

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