Thursday, 27 November 2008

Christmas presents... part 1

Recently I have been spending my crafting time making various Christmas presents.  I just finished two of them today - presents for my two neieces, Mathilde and Imme.  As they are both under 5 years old, I figured I wouldn't be spoiling any surprises by posting photos on the internet!I decided to make them both a nameplate, something that could go on a bedroom door or wall.  I remember how exciting it was to have my name on something when I was wee.  So, these aren't really exciting toy-type presents, but I hope they will be something the girls can keep over the years to come.

I wanted the two names to be quite different from each other in colour scheme.  I decided to go for polka dots on a cream background for Imme, and a turquoisy-blue theme for Mathilde.

First of all I made the base with my embellisher, using various fibres for colour and texture.  For Mathilde's piece, I felted scrim, tencel, bamboo, locks, roving and silk throwster's waste.

This is what the base for Imme's piece looked like when I had finished with my embellisher:

Next I embroidered on their names, and added lots of embroidery stitches for Mathilde, and lots of beads in a rainbow of colours for Imme.

To frame them, Chris fromWorksinWood on Etsy custom made me two lovely frames.  Mathilde's frame is Sycamore, and Imme's is Elm.  Thanks Chris!

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