Monday, 19 April 2010

Prototype hairband...

Here is the other prototype I have been working on that I mentioned recently: a prototype hairband/fascinator:
I've found this particularly difficult to take photos of!

It's a gunmetal grey hairband, with two circles of beaded and embroidered felt in pinks, purples and blues with a hint of yellow. 
The felt pieces have a wee 'sleeve' of felt sewn to their back so that the hairband can slide in and out - meaning that it can be worn on either side of the head and with the larger circle top or bottom.

Here it is in situ, modelled by my friend Rachael and her beautiful hair :D :
(thanks Rach!)

I'm quite liking this hairband idea - but have found it so difficult to photograph well that it almost puts me off making any more!  I have other ideas for different shapes to try out though, so I think I'll persevere :)

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