Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Makers' Market table rehearsal...part 1

My second ever craft fair is looming on the horizon (ok, it's not until 3rd July but that feels quite soon!) - this afternoon I tried my first 'dry-run' of my table set-up, so I know what still needs to be done.  I have a lot to go on from last time - so I have most of the necessary bits and pieces.  The challenge this time is that I have a greater range of pieces that I somehow have to arrange and fit onto the table!

Here's my first attempt:
(so my kitchen table is actually 2' shorter than the 6' table I'll have at the fair, but you get the general idea!)

I haven't finished a few things as yet (there'll be more bracelets, more felted rings, and the box on the far left will be filled with greetings cards rather than cake :P) so this is just a general idea.  I've gone for rings on a piece of Indian slate, and some earrings on a plate (I'll source a more interesting and suitable plate somehow before the event!).

As always, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.  What do you think of the earrings display - too busy?  Too busy in general?  Should I group similarly shaped brooches together or mix them up?  So many options!!

The other most exciting crafty thing happening has been the arrival of some new threads from the ever-wonderful Sarah of therainbowgirl.  She has produced the most amazing custom selection of hand-dyed mixed threads for me to use for new kumihimo bracelets - check out these beauties:


jUDE said...

It all looks great against the black.

Playing by the book said...

All the colours look so inviting!

The crafty Kaeru said...

Thanks both of you :)