Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sketching trip #1...

Ever since the creative desert that was art class at my secondary school, where I was told age 11 that I couldn't draw and shouldn't try, I have avoided drawing and sketching like the plague.  I'm in awe of those who can make beautiful images with the sparsity of line.  

Recently though I've been wondering about the possibility of facing my fears and exploring drawing (perhaps more as a means to help with other crafting and making endeavours), so yesterday in that spirit I went on my first ever sketching trip - and was extremely grateful to have gentle and patient guidance from a very kind friend :)

Having the beautiful sketchbook and cover certainly made me feel more at home, and we had a lovely time -  warm and dry in a nice cafe as the November rain poured outside... .

We tried a few different drawing exercises to help me feel less scared (!) - here's my favourite result - drawn holding the very end of the pen only!
It's meant to be the Scott monument and George Hotel behind trees - but to be honest I'm just pleased I dared to try!

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kasia matyjaszek said...

beautiful! i love the composition and the fact that you instantly know that it is scott monument behind the trees. no arguing with that! x