Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I have finished the project that I have been working on: my first 'bib'-style necklace, called 'Flare':
The surface is felt I made from merino roving, silk hankie fibre, silk throwsters waste, silk fibre, silk carrier rod fibre, cotton scrim, silk/metal organza and silk velvet.  Onto the surface I have added many beads, couched gimp thread and gilt purl goldwork wire, and detached chain, colonial knot, woven spider's wheel, bullion knot and seed hand embroidery stitches.  

She ties with hand-dyed silk ribbon:

and looks like this in situ:

This one is really quite a statement...!


KerryFelter said...

It's stunning! So much work went into it. I hope you are putting a fine price on it as you can really see the richness of quality.


tastykaeru said...

Hi Sharon,
Thank you! but I think I'm going to keep this one for myself :D

Kate x

Bowerbird Jewellery said...

That is amazing! I also love your work on Etsy too!