Friday, 30 July 2010

Free time...

 As of this week my Thursdays are now free, meaning I have more time available to develop some ideas that have been brewing... .

I recently bought some absolutely beautiful hand-dyed viscose felt from the ever wonderful Myfanwy of Sassalynne (her Etsy shop is here).  As usual I have been 'sitting' on it for a wee while waiting for inspiration to strike - which it inevitably does, sooner or later, when one is lucky enough to have a store of such lovely supplies...  .  Here is the first stage of my idea - 9 versions to be precise - more to follow at a later date:
The colours and the texture of the felt are irresistible!

Another project I got to finish today is another 'bib'-style necklace - I've slightly tweaked the design with this one, and changed the parts that connect to the ribbon to a more 'pointed' rather than 'rounded' shape.
This one is called 'nightgarden'.
The felt piece is made of silk hankie fibre, cotton scrim, cotton nepps, and silk tops, embellished with many glass and antique metal beads, and colonial knot, seed, bullion knot, detached chain and woven spider's wheel hand embroidery stitches.


KerryFelter said...

The viscose felts are beautifully dyed! Were they felted from batts? I didn't know you can felt viscose...I don't like it in clothing, though. Let me know how you like working with it...

tastykaeru said...

Hi Kerry,
The felt was a bit tricky to work with, as it is very fine - so I had to layer it with some prefelt for extra stability for the embroidery and beading. That worked well though, and the colours are so great it was worth the extra difficulty!
Kate x