Saturday, 10 July 2010

In progress...

Well now the show is over I have some time to work on a few other projects and to start developing new ideas. I had a very enjoyable and relaxed felting session this afternoon with my embellisher... I am definitely beginning to feel more confident with colour and am feeling more able to experiment with combining colours within pieces. This week I have had a major clearout and 'streamline' (!) of my craft stash, and during the process I came across lots of wee bits and pieces of work that let me see how things have developed since I first set off down this path just over two years ago.  It's all been trial and error really - I'm still not very good at detailed planning, I tend much more to go with my 'instinct' (whatever that is!) - but it's interesting to see a thread of continuity between pieces that I have made along the way.  Anyway, here is what I've been working on today:
The larger pieces are for attempts at a new jewellery idea.  More about that soon!

Also this week I've been able to finish another project I wrote about recently - here's the back of it:
can you tell what it is yet? :P 
Right now the finished piece is stretching its legs on the wall in our living room - more photos to follow!


Chris Gray said...

...I see that you too spend many enjoyable hours at the embellisher!

I find it rather addictive...especially when I have a box of beautiful dyed bits sitting next to me :-)

You've got some lovely colours there...can't wait to see what you do with them.

(Thanks for popping by my blog...teal and blue work so well together don't they...)

Chris Gray said...


...and rust/copper I should have said :-o