Sunday, 25 July 2010


My second 'bib'-style necklace prototype is called 'Verdure'
She is smaller than 'Flare', and measures 13.5cm x 5cm at her widest and longest parts.

To make her, first I made a piece of felt with my embellisher, using silk hankie fibre, cotton scrim, cotton nepps, silk throwsters waste and silk thread. Once I've drawn up and decided on the necklace shape, I mask off the area with paper so I know where to work:
Next, I added couched silk boucle thread, and lots of glass beads in shades of green, yellow and gold:
and then seed, bullion knot, detached fly and colonial knot hand embroidery stitches in silk ribbon, cotton, rayon and silk threads:
Usually by this time I have decided on a name for the piece - although as you can see I changed my mind with this one!

Once the beading and embroidery is finished, I carefully cut out the felt shape and then whip-stitch around the edges:

Then I added hand-dyed variegated silk ribbon, joined to the felt piece with bronze jump rings and tiny stitches:
I decided to go with ribbon rather than chain to make sure the necklace would be adjustable to the right length for any wearer.  

And finally, to give a (rough!) idea of what the necklace looks like in situ:
I've really enjoyed making these necklaces - it's been a real treat to have a larger 'canvas' to work on and I love the amount of detail and texture it allows me to add.  Although I've decided to keep 'Flare' for myself, I'll be adding 'Verdure' to my Etsy shop later today.


Chris Gray said...

I really love the colour of this one...

..and you can tell you enjoyed making it!

Jude said...

oh oh I just love the way the ribbons tones match the piece! Gorgeous as ever!

tastykaeru said...

Thank you both of you! I'm still a bit addicted to this particular colour scheme :D

Kate x

fabriquefantastique said...

love this blog...I will be checking by frequently.

tastykaeru said...

Thank you, and welcome!