Saturday, 3 July 2010

Mission accomplished!

Well, I have survived another craft fair and lived to tell the tale...
Actually it was a much better experience all round this time, with some of my lovely friends helping me set up or popping along to offer moral support (and buying things too - thanks guys!).

Particular thanks go to my 11-year old friend, photographer, organiser, arranger, de-linter and financial adviser Hannah (she took the photos), who helped me man the table for most of the day.   Thanks Hannah!

(her being chief photographer unfortunately meant I didn't get any photos of Hannah in action...) instead here I am instead looking a bit cheeky for no reason...

...and a bigger view of the table.

Generally the fair was a lot busier than my last one, and again the time went very quickly.  Lots of interest in my kumihimo braiding on the marudai, some very nice compliments, and excitingly, some sales!  I met my target, which is great, and also actually had a good time.  Yay!

My Etsy shop is now up-and-running again after a month-long break, with lots of new items to be listed over the next few days.


artymess said...

Looks an inviting table where was the craft fair?

The crafty Kaeru said...

The fair was in Morningside, here in Edinburgh - run by

Jude said...

Great to hear it went well. Love seeing photos of peoples tables, and nice to see a pic of you too. I have a huge craft fair coming up on sunday - got such a long list of things to do! argghhhhhh

jude X

Karen said...

Well done Kate - your table looks fantastic and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. It was also our art exhibition this weekend and I had a table with all my crafting bits which looked a lot like yours and luckily came home with far less than I started out with!! Makes it all worthwhile eh?

The crafty Kaeru said...

Thank you, Jude and Karen :)

Jude - good luck on Sunday!!

Karen - glad to hear your exhibition went well. Any photos?!

Kate x